The Visionaire EC

Visionaire EC Sembawang Road Canberra Link

Located on Sembawang Road, Canberra Link is The Visionaire EC, a new residential development. It is located near Canberra’s main business and shopping area, and will feature an array of amenities for residents. The development will also be connected to the Canberra Link light rail system, providing residents with convenient access to the city.

The Visionaire EC Location

Located at Sembawang Road / Canberra Link junction, Visionaire EC is one of the upcoming ECs in Singapore. It is developed by reputed developer Qingjian Realty (Sembawang) Pte Ltd. This project will have 632 units in 16 towers. ECs will come with smart living facilities. These include built in kitchen appliances and air conditioners. They also have a security guard, a swimming pool, gym and tennis court.

It is a 99-year leasehold EC. This development is located close to the future Canberra MRT station, which will connect the North-South Line and the Yishun Intergrated Transport hub. It is a 10-minute walk to the Sembawang Shopping Centre. It is also near to Sun Plaza, Northpoint City and Causeway Point. It is also near to Central Expressway, Seletar Expressway and Tampines Expressway. It is also near to Yishun Junior College.

The Visionaire is close to some reputed schools such as Sembawang Primary School, Yishun Neighborhood Park, Ahmad Ibrahim Primary School, Jiemin Primary School, Hua Min Primary School and Endeavour Primary School. The nearby colleges offer International Baccalaucreate programmes.

It is also close to the Sembawang Community Hub, which will bring sports amenities to Sembawang. This will include a sports hall, swimming complex and hawker centre.

It is also close to Orchid Golf & Country Club. The northern region of Singapore is becoming a commercial and life style hub. It is surrounded by many new developments such as North Coast Innovation Corridor, Upcoming Northpark City and the Woodlands Regional Centre. It is also near to major expressways such as Central Expressway, Seletar Expressway, Tampines Expressway and North-South Expressway. This will make the area convenient for residents. It will also provide a good investment horizon for property investors.

The Visionaire is a unique development. The developer has teamed up with Samsung Asia to develop future developments with smart living technology. This includes smart appliances such as built-in kitchen appliances and washing machines. These appliances will be controlled remotely by the residents. They will also be able to book home services and sign up for yoga classes.

The Visionaire EC Unit mixes

Located near the future Canberra MRT station, The Visionaire EC Sembawang Road Canberra Link unit mixes has an excellent location. The development will be close to a number of amenities and schools. It will also be near the Sembawang Shopping Centre and Chong Pang Market.

Besides being close to the future Canberra MRT station, The Visionaire Sembawang EC units will also be close to Sembawang Primary School and Yishun Secondary School. It will also be close to the Sembawang Park. There are also a number of other nearby amenities to enjoy. The units will be close to several eateries, shops, and clinics.

The Visionaire is also close to the current Northpoint Shopping Centre. It will also be close to the upcoming North-South Expressway. It will be a quick drive to the Orchard Shopping Area and the Central Business District. This development will have plenty of shopping and entertainment options, as well as an enrichment centre. The units are also equipped with top-notch appliances.

The Visionaire EC will also feature a smart home system. This will allow residents to remotely monitor and control their homes. It will also allow them to book fitness classes and engage with interior designers. Some units will also have the CoSpace concept, where residents can reconfigure their living space. It is the first EC in Singapore to have this technology.

There will also be several amenities at the development, including a food court, an enrichment centre, and clinics. In addition, residents will be able to enjoy shopping at Sembawang Shopping Centre. They will also have a shuttle bus service that will take them to the Sembawang MRT station.

The units in The Visionaire will range in size from 721 sqft for a 2-bedroom unit to 1,582 sqft for a 4-bedroom unit. This is also the first Executive Condominium in Singapore to have smart home technology. This system is powered by Samsung Asia and will include an interactive hiLife app.

The units are also equipped with top-notch quality appliances and a sophisticated interior design. The Visionaire EC is the ideal choice for those looking to downsize or buy an executive condo.

The Visionaire EC Connectivity between personal smart devices and home appliances

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The Visionaire EC Future plans

Located near the future Canberra MRT station, the Visionaire EC is a new executive condominium development in Sembawang. The development will comprise 632 units, ranging from 850 square feet to 1549 square feet. The units will be constructed in 16 blocks of between 9 and 11 storeys. The prices are expected to be competitive. The developer, Qingjian Realty (Sembawang) Pte Ltd, is a reputable construction company with experience in the local property scene.

Residents will also enjoy the convenience of having access to a wide range of amenities. The development will offer a food court and enrichment centers for children. It will also include sports facilities and health centers. The centre will also serve as a community hub.

The development will be located near many reputable schools. Schools within the vicinity include Chong Fu School, Hua Min Primary School, and Singapore American School. The development will also be near the Orchid Country Club.

Residents will also have access to the new Canberra MRT station. This station will serve upcoming residential developments, allowing residents to save on time spent travelling to and from the MRT station. The station will also connect residents to other parts of Singapore. The station will have 5 entrances. The station is expected to be completed in 2019.

The Visionaire EC offers residents an opportunity to experience a new lifestyle. It will be close to schools, shopping, entertainment, and sports facilities. It is also within reach of major highways and modern conveniences. Moreover, it will be near the North Coast Innovation Corridor. The developer is partnering with Samsung Asia to integrate smart living technology into future developments.

Lastly, the development will be near the North-South Expressway. This new expressway is part of Singapore’s road infrastructure strategy. The development will also be near major commercial hubs, including the Woodlands Regional Centre. The area is a prime location for investment. There are also numerous housing projects slated for the area. This will help increase the housing market and increase the number of employment opportunities.

The future plans for The Visionaire EC Sembawang Road Canberra Link are highly exciting. The development is expected to provide more housing units, increase the accessibility to the community, and provide an opportunity for capital appreciation.

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